What is the best time to conceive a baby girl? After getting a firstborn girl, what are the best methods of getting a boy? The secret has now been revealed. You need to articulately time ovulation and help the male sperms fertilize the egg to get a boy or female sperms to conceive a girl.

When a man ejaculates in the birth canal, he releases both male and female sperms. The male sperms contain the Y chromosomes while the female sperms have the X chromosomes. The timing method strongly borrows from the nature of these sperms.

According to Dr. Shettles, the male sperms are shorter, have a smaller tail, and tire/die faster than the female sperms. However, their lightness makes them able to travel faster at short distances.

The female sperms are bigger, have a longer tail, and travel slower in the birth canal. However, they are hardier and can live longer in the birth canal.

The best seasons to conceive a baby boy/girl

As couples keep wondering how they will conceive a baby of a specific gender, it is interesting to indicate that nature has its unique way of balancing males and females on the planet. The nature targets creating 50:50 ratio of boys to girls. However, boys suffer higher fetal and birth mortality rates which give the women a higher number than men around the globe.

In one of the studies done by Angelo Cagnacci and his study group in Modena, Italy, the best months to conceive a baby girl are March to May. However, you have more chances of conceiving a baby boy between September and November. These studies are based on the actual number of girls and boys conceived in different months of the year. To increase the chances of getting a child of s specific gender, it is advisable to carefully time ovulation and use the right sex positions.

The best time to have sex to conceive a baby boy or girl

Purpose to have sex about four days before ovulation to conceive a baby girl

Because the female sperms are hardier than the male sperms, the aim is ensuring you have sex at a time when the latter does not have a chance. By having sex about four days before ovulation, it means that the male sperms will be tired or even dead while the hardier female ones will still be waiting to fertilize the egg.

You should also target having sex in the course of the month until four days to ovulation. This implies there will be a lot of female sperms waiting to fertilize the egg. It is recommended that you go for the sex position that does not encourage deep penetration and take a lot of rest in the last four days to ovulation.

Have sex the day of ovulation

Because the male sperms are faster immediately after ejaculation, you should have sexual intercourse when the woman ovulates. You should also consider using the sex position that helps the man penetrate to the deepest possible point, so that male sperms only cover a short distance to fertilize the egg.

Timing the ovulation

Whether you prefer a boy or a girl, one thing that comes out is the need to time the exact point when ovulation takes place. Ovulation is the release of an egg by the women ovaries. The egg (ova) travels down the fallopian tubes to meet the sperms for fertilization. That is the point when the life of your boy or girl begins.

If you have a regular 28 days menstrual cycle, ovulation will take place on the 14th day. This is approximately 14 days before the next period starts. When the ovaries release an egg, the fertile period is only 12-24 hours. This means that you must be spot on. If you miss it, it could mean waiting for the next ovulation. Here is the process of calculating the exact time when ovulation takes place.

  • Monitoring the basal body temperature (BBT): This is the human body temperature at rest. When ovulation commences, the body temperatures go up with a margin of 0.4 to 1.0 degrees F. You can follow this temperature rise by using a digital thermometer immediately after waking up. Note that it should be a sustained dip and not a minor shift. You should also ensure to be healthy when following the temperatures because a lot of conditions such as flu raise the body temperatures. Make sure to follow the process for months to be sure of the exact day of the month when the body ovulates.
  • Follow the menstrual string/ calendar: This is one of the simplistic methods, but that delivers very accurate results. The process involves following an ovulation chart that helps you to pinpoint when the ovulation starts. To be sure that the days you pinpoint are correct, you need to follow the process for months.
  • Utilize the menstrual string: Though this is very simplistic, it can be very accurate when implemented articulately. The method entails following an ovulation chart to point at the days when ovulation starts. Like the BBT method, it is important to follow the process for a number of months.
  • Utilize an ovulation kit: Ovulation kits are used to measure the presence of Luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine. When the body ovulates, LH is released and can be detected using the kits. For those who have a regular 28 days menstrual cycle, the hormone can be detected on the 14th and 15th days.

The final take

While there are many theories available on how to conceive a baby boy or girl, timing is at the center of all of them. Therefore, it is important to take a broader approach. This means getting it right on timing and selecting the best sex position. You should also ensure to take the right foods that help to raise the chances of getting the gender you want and staying healthy.

Remember to talk to your partner so that you are on the same page because your sexual lifestyle when trying to conceive might change. For example, if you are used to having sex every day and you want a girl, it implies stopping about four days to ovulation. Be prepared for it.

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