Many parents wish they would be able to select the gender of their children. Many families out there want to have a baby girl after conceiving boys severally or vice versa. Though researchers indicate that only the laboratory method can guarantee the birth of a specific gender, the process is complex and very expensive. However, it might surprise you to realize that using specific sex positions can help to raise the chances of conceiving a specific gender.

The sex positions conception theory is based on the nature of sperms

The theory behind the sex positions is premised on the nature of sperms. When a man ejaculates, both male sperms (having Y chromosome) and female sperms (having X chromosome) are released into the birth canal. The male sperms are generally shorter, have a smaller tail, and a shorter lifespan. However, they swim very fast on short distances.

The female sperms, on the other hand, are bigger, have longer tails, and swim slower when they are deposited in the birth canal. However, they are hardy and last longer in the uterus waiting to fertilize the egg. Using the sex positions to conceive a specific gender involves giving either the male sperm or female sperm advantage over the other to fertilize the egg.

The best sex positions that will help you conceive a baby boy

To conceive a baby boy, the main target is ensuring male sperms are deposited the deepest possible point in the birth canal. Because they travel faster over shorter distances and die faster, depositing them closest to the egg means that they can rush faster and fertilize it before the sluggish female sperms. Here are the main sex positions that will help you conceive a baby boy.

The downward doggy sex position

This position is recommended when trying to conceive a baby boy because it allows the man to penetrate to the deepest possible point. This means that the sperms are deposited closest to the uterus where they only cover a short distance to the egg. In addition to giving the male sperms a better chance to fertilize the egg, the position is considered more pleasurable.

The position involves getting the lady to lie on the bed facing down. The hips should be raised a little using a pillow. Then, the man enters the lady from behind and props with the arms so that the weight goes towards penetrating the lady.

The kitchen confidential position

This position is seen as the preferred option for quick intercourse, often referred as ‘quickie.’ But it is also a great position for ladies who target conceiving baby boys because it allows deep penetration. Remember that it can be practiced anywhere as far as there is a raised bench.

The sex position entails the lady sitting at the edge of a standard bench (the height of a kitchen bench). Then, the man penetrates the lady while standing up so that he can thrust to the deepest point possible. To have the man get even deeper, the lady can part her legs, wrap them around the man’s waist, or even place them on his shoulders.

The bicycle sex position

This sex position has become a preference because it allows for maximum penetration, activity, and pleasure. Couples who try this position always come back with great news; we conceived a baby boy.

The sex position involves having the lady lie on a bed and raising the legs while slightly setting them apart and curving them towards the chest. Then, the man stands at the edge of the bed and penetrates the lady while holding her ankles (like riding a bicycle). By holding the legs, the man can control the depth of penetration by slightly pushing them apart. The lady can also change the position of the legs to help the man go deeper by placing them on the shoulders.

The ultimate sex positions that will help you conceive a baby girl

To conceive a baby girl, the main aim is ensuring you give the female sperms the best opportunity to meet the egg and discourage the male sperms. Because the male sperms are shorter, get tired faster, and die after a short time, the secret is ensuring they are deposited at the point where they have to cover the longest distance to the egg. This means using the sex positions that discourage deep penetration.

The missionary style

The missionary style that most couples cherish so much might be your gateway to conceiving a baby girl. The secret behind it is that the penetration is very shallow so that the sperms are deposited close to the vagina opening. This means that the sperms have a longer route to travel through the birth canal, the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes. This is likely to exhaust the male sperms and leave the female sperms with a better chance of meeting and fertilizing the egg.

The position involves the lady lying on her back in a bed with the legs closed on slightly apart. Then, the man lies and penetrates from the top. The good thing about the missionary style is that it allows the man and woman’s body to have optimal contact and encourages kissing. Because the penis goes against the clitoris as the man penetrates, missionary style is very pleasurable.


Spooning sex position, like the missionary style, aims at limiting penetration when having sex. This means that the male sperms will have a longer distance to travel. Therefore, they will easily get tired because of the long journey to the fallopian tubes. As the male sperms tire and probably die, the female sperms will continue moving toward the egg and fertilize it in the fallopian tubes.

Spooning sex position involves having the lady lying on her side while slightly folding the legs so that the knees get as close to the chest as possible. The man penetrates her from behind so that it looks like a spoon. The position is very pleasurable.

The woman on top sex position

It is important to appreciate that the woman on top can work on couples looking forward to conceiving either a baby girl or a boy. To get a girl using the woman on top position, you need to ensure that the penetration is minimal.

Have the man lie on her back and approach him taking a squatting position with legs planted on the bed. Then, lean forward to plant the hands close to his chest or backward to plant the legs on his thighs. This will help you to control how far he penetrates you.

NOTE: To get it right on conceiving a girl or a boy using sex positions, it is important to ensure that you and your partner agree to it. This is crucial because it might require shifting to the sex positions you are not used to, and that are less pleasurable. recommends Ashley Spencer's Conceive A Baby Boy or Girl Guide to help you with selecting your baby's gender. Their proven methods have a success rate of 92%. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!