When most couples decide to conceive, they always have a preferred gender. Many prefer to have a girl for the first born and a boy as the second born. For others, the first two or three children were of the same gender, and they are willing to stretch to great lengths to get the other gender. If you have tried other methods and failed to get results, it is time to go for the Chinese gender calendar to help you conceive a baby of the preferred gender.

The Chinese gender calendar is a method of gender prediction borrowed from the ancient Chinese. The calendar is reported to have very high accuracy rates if you follow and apply it correctly. This post explores this unique method of predicting your baby’s gender so that you can apply it correctly. No matter whether you prefer a baby boy or a girl, here is all that you need to know about the calendar.

When you set out to use the Chinese gender calendar, it is important to make the target clear. The ultimate focus should be conceiving the gender of choice; a boy or girl. Besides, you need to have an appropriate preconception strategy because once the gender is picked and conception has taken place, it cannot be changed.

How does the Chinese gender calendar work?

The Chinese gender calendar of preconception utilizes two main things to tell the gender of an unborn; the Chinese lunar age and Chinese month of the conception of the lady at the point of conception. Here is a presentation of the two factors.

Figure 1: the two main factors in the Chinese gender calendar

This Chinese gender calendar employs temporal notions of the mother’s ‘age’ and ‘special month’ that are derivatives from the ancient Chinese Lunisolar Calendar. Note that the calendar is also available as a conversion in the standard Gregorian model. However, you should ensure to understand how it works to apply correctly.

Though many people consider the Chinese gender calendar to be very complex, it is indeed simpler to use than most other conception methods. You simply need to read the conception chart to know the best time to conceive a baby boy or girl. Here is a breakdown of the main concepts.

The Chinese lunar year

The Chinese lunar year is made of 12 regular months. However, another month is included in every 2nd or 3rd year. This implies that a couple intending to conceive a baby of specific gender need to follow the lunar year starting from the intercalary lunar month on the second or third moon after winter solstice.

The Chinese lunar month

The lunar month commences on the new moon’s day. This month as well as corresponding dates have been calculated and made available for the period between 1901 and 2100.

The Chinese lunar age

When trying to conceive a boy or girl, it is crucial to know how to calculate the woman’s age at the point the baby will be conceived. This will involve two important things;

  • At the point of birth, you are deemed to have one lunar year.
  • A person’s lunar age increases by one every lunar year after the moment of birth.

The Chinese gender chart for a boy

The Chinese gender calendar chart was borrowed from around the 13th century and is a presentation of the sky map and the moment when one was conceived. Therefore, the chart is made using the world map that articulately matches the time and location of birth.

The gender chart is made of 12 columns that represent all the 12 lunar months. Then, it also contains 28 rows representing the lunar age values. Every cell holds the value of one of the other gender. Look at the demonstration in figure 2.

Figure 2: Chinese baby calendar chart of 2014 (presented in Chinese lunar values)

The converted Chinese baby calendar chart

For couples who find it hard to follow the Chinese version, a converted version is also available in the standard Gregorian calendar. Take a look at the table in figure 1 but presented in the standard Gregorian calendar.

Figure 3: Chinese Baby Calendar of 2014 (concerted version).

Note that the figure 1 and figure 2 are drawn from the 2014 Chinese baby gender calendar chart. Well, that is already in the past. Therefore, if you are looking forward to conceiving, you need the latest chart. Have a look at the Chinese baby gender calendar chart of 2018.

Figure 4: Chinese Baby Calendar of 2018 (the converted version).

If you look closely at the chart, you will realize it is possible to tell the gender of the baby and the time when the chances of getting a boy/girl are highest.

Using the Chinese calendar baby chart to select the gender of a baby

Using this gender chart is as simple as following the rows and columns. If you want to conceive a baby girl/boy in the year 2018, visit the table in figure 4 and follow the following steps.

  • On the rows, select the ones highlighting intervals that include the mother’s date of birth.
  • On the row of the title, check the cells that are marked with the preferred gender of the child (“B” (boy) or “G” (girl).
  • On the selected cell, move up to identify the Gregorian intervals that indicate the time when you have the best opportunity to conceive a boy or girl.

The final take

The Chinese gender calendar is an ancient method borrowed from the traditional Chinese calendar. The method has been demonstrated to be highly effective when applied correctly. The secret of getting it right on the gender of the child is ensuring the Chinese lunar age and Chinese month of the conception of the lady at the point of conception are captured articulately.

While following the Chinese gender calendar, you are encouraged to combine it with other strategies to increase the chances of getting the preferred gender of a baby. For example, you should take the right foods and use the best sex positions.

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