Is it possible to predetermine the sex of a baby before conception? Science will demonstrate that the chances of conceiving a baby boy or girl are 50-50. The only sure way of ensuring that your next baby will be a boy or a girl is the laboratory method. However, this is a complicated and expensive method that very few people can afford. Emerging studies indicate that there are methods that you can use to increase the chances of conceiving the baby of the preferred gender with a huge margin. The following is a summary of four main methods used to help you conceive either a baby boy or girl.

gender selection methods

Using sex positions to select the baby gender

Using sex positions to select the gender of a baby takes advantage of the nature of the sperms. The male sperms (with Y chromosome) are smaller, have a shorter tail, and die faster. However, they can travel faster on shorter distances. On the other hand, the female sperms (with X chromosomes) are bigger, hardy and have a longer tail.

The science behind using sex positions is ensuring you give a better opportunity to the preferred sperm for a boy or girl.

Sex positions that will help you conceive a baby girl

To conceive a baby girl, the sex position should target depositing the sperms closest to the vaginal opening. This means that the distance to be traveled is longer, and the male sperms will tire and leave the female ones to proceed and fertilize the egg. These positions include;

  • The missionary style.
  • The spooning position.
  • The girl on top sex position.

Best sex positions to conceive a baby boy

To conceive a baby boy, the male sperms should be given an opportunity to reach the egg and fertilize it before the female sperms. Since the sperms travel faster over shorter distances, you need to select the sex positions that promote deep penetration. These include.

  • The downward doggy.
  • Use the Kitchen confidential position.
  • The bicycle sex position.

Foods that promote the conception of a boy or girl

Selecting the right food might be all that is required to help you conceive the baby of the preferred gender. The food theory is based on the fact that female sperms are hardly and can survive in an acidic environment. However, the male sperms are less hardy and will only survive in alkaline environment.

Foods that enhance the chance of conceiving a baby boy

To conceive a baby boy, you need to promote the environment that helps the male sperms to survive. This means foods that enhance the alkalinity of the body fluids, especially in the birth canal and uterus.

  • Papaya
  • Brown rice, wild rice, or japonica rice
  • Cauliflower
  • Kales
  • Tomatoes
  • Sunflower Seeds

What to eat to get a baby girl

To conceive a baby girl, you need to go for foods that promote acidity in the birth canal and uterus. Such an environment reduces the lifespan of the male sperms as the female sperms move easily, meet and fertilize the egg.

  • Citrus fruits
  • Orange juice
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Berries
  • Whole grain foods

The timing method

The timing method, like the sex positions, takes advantage of the nature of the human sperms and seasons. There are the two methods to determine the sex of your baby before conception based on timing.

  • The natural selection method: This method of timing takes advantage of nature’s natural selection. The period between September and November presents the best chance to conceive a baby boy. However, you should conceive from March to May to get a baby girl.
  • Timing the woman’s ovulation: This method targets to help the sperms of a specific gender to have an advantage over the other depending on the child you target. To conceive a baby boy, you need to carefully time and have sex on the day of ovulation. This will give the male sperms a chance to rush towards the egg and fertilize it.

If you are looking forward to conceiving a baby girl, you should have sex about four days before ovulation. This means that the male sperms will have tired and probably died before the egg is available for fertilization. But the female sperms, which live longer, will be there waiting to fertilize the egg.

The secret with the timing strategy is ensuring you get it right on timing ovulation. You can monitor the basal body temperature (BBT), use the menstrual string, or opt for an ovulation kit. Note that no matter the method of assessing ovulation, it is important to follow it for several months.

The Chinese calendar of gender selection

The Chinese gender calendar, though ancient, is reemerging as a favorite method for most couples who want to get a baby boy or girl. It was developed in the thirteenth century in China and uses the map of the sky that corresponds to the woman’s point of conception. It factors two crucial components to point the times when a woman has the best chances of conceiving a baby boy or girl;

  • Chinese lunar age at conception.
  • The mother’s lunar age at conception.

To use the calendar, you are required to follow the Chinese gender calendar chart that points the right intervals when you can conceive a baby boy or girl. The charts are available for every year from 1901 and 2100. Therefore, if you want to conceive a boy or girl in 2018, the Chinese gender calendar chart to use is provided below.

The final take

While the outlined methods are the best when you want to conceive a baby of a specific gender, it is important to appreciate that none of them is considered superior or ideal for all ladies. Therefore, you should try to combine them to raise the chances of getting a baby of choice. For example, you can combine the sex positions with timing method, or the Chinese method with the right foods. Remember that no matter which method of conception you prefer, it is very important to start taking the daily dose of 400 milligrams of folic acid about three months to conception. recommends Ashley Spencer's Conceive A Baby Boy or Girl Guide to help you with selecting your baby's gender. Their proven methods have a success rate of 92%. Buy with confidence with their 90 day Money Back Guarantee!